Who We Are

We are Stony Creek Early Learning Center!

Welcome to the Stony Creek Early Learning Center, a NECPA Accredited Program where education is brought to life.  We are a preschool and daycare center offering the highest level of childcare solutions.  With our distinct integration of interactive play and curriculum-guided learning experiences, we offer students in our care opportunities to grow, discover, and learn in a safe, nurturing, and fun play-filled environment.

Our curriculum utilizes nationally validated standards and the latest research to help nurture student developmental milestones, provide exposure to early academics that incorporate the aspects of STEAM (science, technology, engineering, art, and math), and promote social and emotional learning.

We partner with families to complement the development of each child’s individuality and self-esteem, paying specific attention to individual learning characteristics.  We are focused on the whole child and seek family collaboration by providing daily communication opportunities through our parent communication app system.  Our teachers provide ongoing developmental assessments and offer therapeutic resource recommendations, as well as structured parent/teacher conferences.

Stony Creek Early Learning Center believes everyone should have access to quality care, and CCDF families are welcome.

We are an independent, locally owned, and operated center serving the Hamilton County area.  We are a staff of compassionate professionals who possess a wealth of experience dedicated to inspiring nurturing young minds, encouraging creativity, and fostering independence.

We are a Paths To QUALITY Level 4 Provider.

Paths to QUALITY™ is Indiana’s statewide quality rating and improvement system for early care and education. It consists of four levels, and each level builds on the foundation of the previous one. Providers start at Level 1 and work their way towards national accreditation at the highest level, Level 4.

Stony Creek Early Learning Center has a level 4 rating with Indiana’s Paths to QUALITY™ program.  Such rating is granted by the State and is Indiana’s child care quality rating and improvement system, which assesses the quality of care within a program and provides families a tool to utilize in choosing a child care provider.  This system creates accountability measures and facilitates alignment with state licensing, Indiana’s Department of Education early learning guidelines, and Head Start programming.

To continue to qualify for a Level 4 rating, we have an ongoing commitment to demonstrating the highest levels of professionalism by maintaining national accreditation, continually providing a quality curriculum, possessing structured learning environments, and maintaining the highest levels of health and safety standards.

We are Nationally Accredited by NECPA.

Stony Creek Early Learning Center has attained the National Early Childhood Program Accreditation (NECPA), which places us in the position of possessing the highest indicators of quality achievable for early childhood education programs.  Only 7% of early childhood programs nationwide receive such designation.

NECPA verifies and certifies that a program meets research-based standards of excellence and that it consistently provides high-quality care and education.

We are Play-Based Learning.

We utilize a play-based early childhood education philosophy.   Our students are encouraged through creative play to develop social and cognitive skills, emotional maturity, and gain the self-confidence required to engage in new experiences. When children are encouraged to explore, it teaches them to problem solve and to make sense of the world around them.

We believe that play is where education is brought to life.  Play is the context for learning at Stony Creek Early Learning Center.  Each classroom is age appropriately designed and arranged for children to choose their activities from a variety of learning centers each day.

Each of our classrooms are designed and arranged to allow children to feel comfortable and nurtured.  Our spaces promote and inspire students to choose their play activities guided by prepared teacher instruction as well as relaxing down time.

Our learning centers support purposeful play and include the following:

  • Manipulative and table toys
  • Art materials and tools to explore
  • Blocks of various sizes and materials
  • Outdoor and indoor gross motor play
  • A quiet/calm area
  • Materials and time for dramatic/imaginative play
  • Sensory tables
  • A library area
  • Music instruments and movement opportunities
  • Cooking/Kitchen exploration
  • Writing tools and materials
  • Electronic Tablet exploration

Our Curriculum

Stony Creek Early Learning Center follows a play-based creative curriculum. The main components of this curriculum are as follows:

  • Early Literacy
  • Early Mathematics
  • Science and Sensory
  • Social Studies
  • World Geography
  • Creative Expression through Art, Music and Dramatic Play
  • Language Development including Spanish and Sign Language Enrichment
  • Large and Fine Motor Development
  • Social and Emotional Development
  • Health and Safety
  • Self-Help Skills

Daily Schedule

  • Learning Centers/Free Choice – Promotes self-direction, problem solving and imaginative play.
  • Circle Time – Study of letters, numbers, shapes, colors, calendar, weather, Spanish and Sign language.
  • Small Group Time – Provides opportunities for individualized learning time in a variety of developmental areas.
  • Meal Times – Provides opportunities to study nutrition, social skills and manners.
  • Indoor Gym/Playground Time – Provides opportunities for gross motor development and socialization.


  • New Years
  • Memorial Day
  • July 4th
  • Labor Day
  • Thanksgiving (2 Days)
  • Christmas
  • 2 annual staff training days