Who We Are

Welcome to Stony Creek Early Learning Center!

At Stony Creek Early Learning Center, we strive to provide a high quality, nurturing, stimulating and safe environment for our students. We partner with your family to compliment the development of your child’s individuality and self-esteem, paying specific attention to individual learning characteristics.

Each classroom is arranged for children to choose their activities from a variety of learning centers each day, and each child in our care participates within their individual abilities. When children are encouraged to explore their environment it teaches them to problem solve and insures that every child receives the same opportunities for learning, love, and individual attention.

Paths to Quality - Level 3 Provider

Paths to QUALITY™ is Indiana’s statewide quality rating and improvement system for early care and education. It consists of four levels and each level builds on the foundation of the previous one. Providers start at Level 1 and work their way towards national accreditation at the highest level, Level 4.

Level 3 Programs implement a curriculum that supports children’s learning and school readiness. Level 3 programs have made a significant investment in the professional development of their staff, and they incorporate family and staff input into their program.

Our Curriculum

Stony Creek Early Learning Center follows a play-based creative curriculum. The main components of this curriculum are as follows:

  • Early Literacy
  • Early Mathematics
  • Science and Sensory
  • Social Studies
  • World Geography
  • Creative Expression through Art, Music and Dramatic Play
  • Language Development including Spanish and Sign Language Enrichment
  • Large and Fine Motor Development
  • Social and Emotional Development
  • Health and Safety
  • Self-Help Skills

Daily Schedule

  • Learning Centers/Free Choice – Promotes self-direction, problem solving and imaginative play.
  • Circle Time – Study of letters, numbers, shapes, colors, calendar, weather, Spanish and Sign language.
  • Small Group Time – Provides opportunities for individualized learning time in a variety of developmental areas.
  • Meal Times – Provides opportunities to study nutrition, social skills and manners.
  • Indoor Gym/Playground Time – Provides opportunities for gross motor development and socialization.


  • New Years
  • Memorial Day
  • July 4th
  • Labor Day
  • Thanksgiving (2 Days)
  • Christmas
  • 2 annual staff training days